Rights Respecting School Day at the Grove


Year 2 writing poems on the Right to an Education
Children built shelters to better understand the struggles for children without proper homes
Children created posters about 'Safe Drinking Water'

Children had a fantastic day carrying out a marvellous range of activities; to learn more about Rights Respecting School Day. Throughout the year children have been learning about 'The Rights of a Child' and how they affect their lives and the lives of the children around the World. Children carried out tasks based around rights that each class had selected to represent their class.

2RN focused on article 24, making beautiful and vibrant posters to help create awareness of the importance of having clean drinking water for children. 2RH looked at article 28, creating inspirational acrostic poems about what it means to have the right to education. In 2FW, a great artistic venture was underway, as they tried to recreate their very own Queen's guard. The activity focused on the importance of culture and identity. 2MT have concentrated on article 27 and the right to adequate living conditions; they teamed up with 1GR to look into more detail of living standards for different children around the World. They were given the task of creating their very own shelters from everyday materials; the shelters were superb and certainly would of kept one or two dry for a night!

Children were engaged throughout and went away feeling very grateful for the rights they enjoy every single day.

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