Royal Art Competition


The winning portrait

Well done to everyone who entered the art competition - we all really appreciated viewing these works of art in the art exhibition last week.

Broadway Site Winners
Prizes were distributed this morning at assembly

1st - Spyros (6LY) 

2nd - Kiki (6SZ)

3rd - Emma (5NS)

Highly Commended:

Emma (6LS)

Matthew (3DH)

Zach (5NS)

Evelina (5NS)

Maja (6LS)

Larrisa (6LY)

Grove Site

1st - Eliza (1GR)

2nd - Harley (2RN)

3rd - Joy (2MT)

Highly Commended

Emelia (2RN)

William (1MR)

Leah (2FW)

Freya (2FW)