School Plastic Day!


Through parent led assemblies and in-class workshops our school looked at the impact of plastic on our planet
Parent led assemblies took place for each phase with plenty of learning and lots of pupil questions!
In-class workshops helped to show the impact of plastic on our oceans

This half term, the Broadway and Grove sites, respectively, spent a day investigating the impact of Plastic on our lives, through critical debate, creativity and experimentation. The actual day, culminated three weeks of independent research, that gradually steered pupils towards the key questions:

What is Plastic?
Are there Benefits?
How does Plastic Affect Our Lives Globally and Locally?
Is it possible to reduce plastic use?
Are there Alternatives?

The Broadway day was kickstarted by a ‘Panel of Experts’ run by parent volunteers, who lent their expertise (including; petrochemical engineers, public procurement and cosmetic packaging) to introduce what plastic is and answer pupils questions. It was a privilege and incredibly informative, having 4 speakers engage with pupils questions. Throughout the day pupils debated the benefits, history and consequences of plastic.  It was fantastic to see such informed and lively discussions occurring  across the years. From investigating how microplastics are formed, the recycling process and how to reduce our plastic use, pupils excelled in their ability to thoroughly explore the different aspects of a complex and topical issue. Across both sites the pupils created an ‘Ocean of Fish’ from used water bottles. Thank you to everybody involved and the support provided by parents.