School Uniform Consultation


Uniform samples are on display on both sites
Grove Site Shirt - parents with pupils who have gone through the school testify to the high quality of these shirts.
Broadway Site

Some updates to parental questions submitted so far can be found at the foot of this page.


We are excited about introducing a new school uniform and you can fill in the online feedback form here or by clicking the link immediately below.  This is a consultation and the governing body wishes to hear your views.  Nothing is yet final, please do respond as contructively as possible.

Displays of the uniform are available on both sites.

Some pupils are eligible for a school uniform grant from the Local Authority.  Click here for more information.

Your child is eligible for a uniform grant if you are receiving

If your child is eligible you will receive a cheque to the value of:

£40 for primary school pupils (or £60 for high school pupils). 


Intial responses to the questions raised during the consultation can be viewed by clicking here.

Q.What are gingham socks?

A. These are the socks that are basically white with a gingham trim and sometimes come with such dresses.  Ordinary white school socks are also perfectly acceptable.

Q. Must the PE shirts have a logo?

A. No, a near match plain t-shirt in the correct house colour is acceptable (as can be purchased on the High St).  All siblings in a family are automatically part of the same house.

Q. Are the schoobags essential?

A. No, we require pupils to have a bookbag from reception to year 6 in order to protect school reading books and homework books.  We only provide backpacks because some parents wish them.  In terms of daily management and space, we prefer bookbags and do not require pupils to have a backpack.  For those who prefer backpacks we provide a standard school backpack in order to control size and storage in classrooms or corridors.  Pupils can take Grove Site bookbags with them to the Broadway Site.

Q. My child is in year 1, is it really necessary to purchase a red gingham shirt for Sept 2012 for just one year?

A. We shall take this feedback into consideration when adopting the school's regulation uniform.  We are also standardising colours across both sites.  Previously, pupils going into year 3 have had to purchase new black garments, new PE kits, blazers and ties.

Q. As blazers are optional at the Grove Site, can't I just wear the white M&S shirts I've bought with a school tie on elastic at from receptioin or year 1?

A. The governing body will consider this request if a sufficient number of parents are in favour of it.  That is to say, white shirts, velcro ties and blazers from day one. (Other church schools adopt this approach - e.g. Our Lady of Mount Carmel)

Q. Why are mobile phones banned?  When did this happen? Have parents been consulted on this?

A. This is a matter of discipline and school procedures and therefore we would not consult on this.  We have always prohibited the use or bringing of personal belongings to school - including mobile telephones.  For pupils who transfer to Twyford High School - the same policy is enforced until after year 11.  You can read Twyford's approach here which mirrors our own.

Update: The price of girls' woollen berets have been negotiated at £7.50 for those who wish them.  Of course, High St alternatives are suitable. 

Q. Can I wear different and warmer hats in winter?

A. Of course, any plain red hat would be perfectly acceptable

Q. Has the decision for this uniform already been made?

A. No, the governing body will look at all responses.  

Q. Why dress children in black?

A. We want to provide ease of transition for parents across the whole school.  Parents have traditionally had to fork out for a whole new uniform in year 3.

Q. Can't we have more red (e.g. red tights at the Grove Site)

A. This sort of feedback is really helpful and is exactly the sort of feedback that the governing body will consider when finalising the regulation uniform.  These adaptations are realistic although we do seek for uniformity and it may well be that we ask all girls to wear red tights if this is adopted.

Q. Are winter coats over the blazers specified?

A. No - we just ask that they are plain black or red.

Q. Can't we just have oridnary white shirts and elasticated ties on the Grove Site?  This would be much cheaper as white shirts are cheaper.

A. Again, this is exactly the sort of helpful feedback we shall consider. 

Q. Can I continue to use the exisiting PE bags?

A. Any plain PE bag is absolutely fine - including exisiting bags.  We have comissioned new PE bags without logos to keep costs down but any plain red or black PE bag from any High St supplier is acceptable.  The function of the bag is merely to facilitate easy storage.

Q. Could I wear a plain red scarf instead of a school one?

A. Certainly - plain red scarves would be acceptable. 

Q. Couldn't we have red jumpers and cardigans to balance against the black trousers and blazers?

A. This will be considered.  

Q. Can the school still provide the warm, waterproof school coats with fleecy lining as they currently do?

A. Yes, we should be able to supply these fairly easily - although they are not compulsory as parents may prefer to buy similar plain red coats from the High St.  These fine details will be confirmed in the final uniform regulations.

Feedback: There is only one negative I have regarding the new uniform and that is the gingham shirt for the Grove site . .  they look far too feminine for the boys and are positively overpriced.  
As an ex pupil from the 1970's can we not have white shirts with a velcro or elastic tie option for the younger ones which is what I always had to wear?

A. This is a common theme as mentioned above and we will certaibly take this into consideration. 

Feedback: The PE kit with house colour t shirts are great.

A. And colourful too!

Q. Will the blazer with the embroidered logo come in a wool blend as well as polyester?

A. We will investigate this.  The woollen blazers we had quotes for were all very expensive.  However, parents could choose to buy a wool-blend blazer and add a badge.  Or, the uniform supplier would likely be able to sell a wool-blend blazer with an embroidered badge as a special order.

Q. Can we have a cheaper alternative for the boys' cap?

A. Yes, we have managed to source an 80% woollen cap for £12.40

Q. Aren't the gingham shirts for the Grove Site are too expensive at £12.50

A. These are actually a similar price of the current embroidered sweatshirt (£9.99 or cardigan £12.99).  The woollen jumpers from M+S for example, cost from £3.  We will not be putting logos on jumpers to keep costs down.  There is no significant difference in the overall price.

Q. Do the gingham shirts come in short sleeves too?

A. Yes - they are available in long and short-sleeves