Science Day in Y2


Year Two had a fantastic time during Science Day. We watched steel wool being lit on fire, invisible currents from a generator light up a light bulb and we saw water being made using hydrogen and oxygen. The strongest reaction that we saw was the energy being released from magnesium when it was lit. It was brighter than the sun and the Scientist had to hold up foil so we did not look directly at it!

The Scientist talked to us about his life, his job and what careers we could have that involve science. He showed us his note pad full of calculations explained how you needed to work hard in reading, writing and maths to be able to be a Scientist. It is amazing to think that science is all around us. Did you know that a Scientist was once involved in investigating and adapting almost everything that we use? From football boots to fruit! The children learnt that science has a huge role in our day-to-day life.

Back in our classes we explored how washing up liquid bonds with the fat in milk. The washing up liquid moved the food dye that we placed in the milk. In some cases this made a rainbow whirlpool. We asked questions, made predictions, discussed the results and wondered what would happen if we changed a part of the method or ingredients.