Sports Crews announced


We are pleased to announce the formation of a Games Crew and Sports Council made up by pupils under the leadership of Mr Palmer.

These two student bodies have been chosen after 130 pupils applied for the positions and 60 were interviewed in small groups by members a member of the Willow Tree School Sports Partnership and Mr Palmer. Discussions were lively and interesting, with a range of topics covered and some fascinating ideas shared. We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to apply and that both groups can help us enhance PE and sport at Christ the Saviour.

The Sports Council will give pupils a voice in how sport is delivered in school and the creation of inter-house sporting competitions throughout the year.  Congratulations to the following pupils will form the Sports Council (in no particular order): Amy, Zuzanna, Louis, Ella, Summer, Isaac, Lila, Sara, Trim, Larissa, Matthew, Nathan, Leanna, Kyrell, Imara, Samuel Spencer, Savannah, Jasmine, Keziyah.

The Games Crew will be trained by the Willow Tree School Sports Partnership and will deliver games at morning break and lunchtime on the Broadway, which will add to our already-diverse playground activities. The following children will form the Games Organising Crew (in no particular order): Alannah, Amari, Mikayla, Quino, Angela, Samuel McSweeney, Shanice, Dominic, Chris, Victoria, Lumumba, Ashanti, Isuru, Fijin, Roma, Dylan, Olivia, Jesse, Erin, Kan. Well done everyone!

Once again, many thanks to all those who applied - your enthusiasm for improving sport is an amazing power to be harnessed for the greater good of the entire school. We look forward to seeing the enhancements in sport at every opportunity throughout the school term.