Star Gazing at Sayers Croft


Year 6's time at Sayers Croft began with a packed first day. The pupils enjoyed trying out a wide range of challenging activities including caving, archery, blinfold trails, woods compass, high ropes and the adventure playground. They also demonstrated an amazing capacity to eat huge quantities of pasta and sausages! 

After dinner Year 6 wrapped up warm for the night walk. The temperature had dropped to minus 4 degress celsius as we stepped out into the chilly night air, it was a cloudless, bright night with the moon casting our shadows across the frosty grass as we walked. Gazing upwards the instructors helped the children to find the constellations of Orion and 'The Big Dipper'. We learned how to find the North Star and the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. Our feet crunched on frozen leaves as we turned into the woods and made our way along the woodland paths. In the quiet and the calm the pupils identified the natural and unnatural sounds they could hear and were rewarded for their stillness by hearing repeated calls of Tawny owls drifting through the silhouetted trees. It was truly unforgettable.

We look forward to what adventures the next few days will bring!