STARS Gold Award


One of our Year 2 pupils enjoyed making a smoothie powered by a bike

STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe) is Transport for London's Strategic framework that encourages and rewards schools for adopting safer and more active travel behaviour. The STARS Accreditation Scheme recognises schools that have travel plans that promote safe and active travel. 

On Monday, Miss Wittich and two Year 2 pupils attended the Transport for London Travel Awards and collected a Gold Award for Christ the Saviour. 

We are continuing to work closely with the Local Authority to create a safer crossing at the Grove Site and introduce School Warning signs, paint clearer road markings and install increased guardrails to ensure the safety of our children when entering and leaving our school site. We are also working with LA to develop safer cycle routes for our older children.

We appreciate that it is not always possible for parents to walk or cycle to school and we are very grateful to all the parents that choose safe parking facilities when bringing their children to school by car.