Steady Hand Science


Year 6 have needed a steady hand this week as they used their knowledge of electrical circuits to build a 'steady hand' game.

In this traditional game you have to guide a hook around a wiggly wire without touching it. Year 6 used everyday objects such as cardboard, blu tac, wire, tape, a paperclip and an old pencil to create the basic game and then built an electrical circuit which included wires, batteries and a buzzer. One end of the circuit was attached to the paper clip hook, and the other end to the wire. When the player attempted to guide the hook around the wire, if they made a mistake then the hook touched the wiggly wire, the circuit was completed and the buzzer sounded to let everyone know that the player had lost the game.

As we soon discovered, building the circuit and making the game proved to be a lot easier than having a steady enough hand to win! For more pictures please go to our gallery.