Bully 4 U workshops & Several Times on Purpose


A video from Loudmouth
Defining any sort of bullying: cyber, racial, sexist, physical, name calling, derogatory, homophobic, emotional - or any other persistent an
Be a friend - don't be a bystander.

Years 5&6 took part in great theatre workshops about the different types of bullying, learnt about definitions, identifying imbalanced power situations and learnt about ways to seek help.  

We loved the sessions and encourage to ask your child for more information.  Many thanks to the parents who managed to come to the session on Cyber Bullying last week - we are grateful for your support.

Bullying is defined as any unwanted behaviour which is: 





We're also looking at a theme of 'Don't be a bystander' right across the school, our community, our country - thinking about ways how we intervene and challenge when we see wrong.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy can also be read here.