Thank you for your generous maintenance contributions so far


Thank you so much for your generous contributions towards the Governor's Annual Maintenance Fund so far.  

Our target for this year is £48,000 which will fund most of the exciting plans to re-do the back playground on the Grove and the tennis courts on the Broadway.  There's an update of how much we've raised by class so far noted below, which is truly encouraging.  

Every year our parents pay £60 per child which is used to develop the school sites and make them the very best enviroments for learning possible.  The payment can be made annually, or termly (a mere £10 per term).  

We're going to reach the £48k target, we're sure.

We've raised £10,946 already this academic year - THANK YOU everyone.

By class:

Nursery  £240

RG  £390
RA  £515
RS  £840
RR  £470

1DH  £299
1KC  £300
1RR  £202
1TR  £615

2CC  £690
2NS  £400
2RN  £475

3DH  £380
3JP  £140
3TM  £610

4LM  £315
4LO  £815
4SZ  £600

5LS  £430
5MT  £340
5LR  £580

6AB  £350
6DM  £390
6RP   £560

TOTAL  £10,946