The Great Grammar Game Show


Huge congratulations to Year 6 for their amazing participation this morning in the Great Grammar Game Show!

Teams (chosen by each class) represented 6LY, 6LS and 6SZ as they fought for the title of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Champions. 

With a 'Wild Card' team member chosen from the audience for each round, and audience participation frequently required throughout the show, everyone had to keep their brains in gear as they whizzed through rounds on wonderful words, super spelling, perfect punctuation and clever clauses. 

In a final fast paced round of 'Buzzer Brilliance' it became really competitive as teams worked together to beat each other to the correct answer. Final scores revealed 6LY as the 2016 GPS Champions - but in this closely fought competition 6SZ and 6LS were not far behind. 

Well done to all of Year 6 for your enthusiasm and participation - do go to our gallery to see more photos of the show.