Walk to School Week at the Grove Site is Underway!



On Monday,  the children on The Grove enjoyed took part in an assembly all about the benefits of walking to school. They were set three challenges for Walk to School Week.

- The first is to walk to school. We recognise that some children live too far to walk so they can walk from the Springbridge Road car park or another place away from the school. Every child that does this will be rewarded with a different badge each day. If you travel by bus, train, tube, scooter or bike that counts as walking.

- Challenge two is to find something interesting on the way. Bring it into school and display it outside Mr Prentice’s office. You can also take photographs of interesting places.

- Finally , as a bit of fun, we will have pedometers available for the children to use at playtimes to see how many steps they take.

Miss Wittich
School Travel Champion