WE day celebration!


Year 6 children taking part in WE day
The children enjoyed the concert-like atmosphere

Yesterday, a small group of Year 6 children were lucky enough to experience WE day with over 12,000 children from schools in England. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day which included the guest speakers: Holly and Sam Branson, Princess Beatrice, Brian Cox and many more!  

Below is a summary of the day written by one of the Christ the Saviour children who attended WE day.

WE Day is a celebration of charity. WE Day motivates young children to globally bring attention to problems such as hunger, poverty and low income. With WE Day people can raise awareness of how fatal these issues are and can be, and I was one of the lucky people to be there.

At WE Day I heard many astonishing and stimulating stories of wonderful people who persevered and helped other people. For example Sohanna Collins is an amazing inspiration, she had a medical condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB, and she didn’t let that stop her.  She created a charity to make sure everyone else with EB won’t have to suffer and hopefully her charity will help find a cure. WE Day has really inspired me to give back to the world because I know that there is someone without food, water and money and I want to help stop it. Thank you.