We’re collecting for the Bishop of London’s Lenten Appeal


The Lord Bishop of London

Our Diocesan Bishop, the Right Reverend and the Right Honourable Richard Chartres, Lord Bishop of London has dedicated his Lenten Appeal to raise funds for the Anglican churches in Angola and Mozambique.

The Lenten sacrifices in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 have made a significant difference to church life in Angola and Mozambique –helping to build schools, finance the provision of wells, fund children’s work and provide lay and clerical training. In 2012, the final Lent Appeal of London Challenge 2012, our goal is:

The bishop writes:

Our three partner bishops and their staff struggle to reach the farthest and most remote areas of their dioceses where the need is greatest. It is simply not possible to catch a train or a long distance bus. There are few metalled roads outside major towns and dirt ones are poor, as the pictures show.

To carry out diocesan-wide ministry including confirmations, visits, training, HIV and community development work 4x4 vehicles are essential, yet the wear and tear on vehicles, drivers and passengers is tremendous. A decent second hand 4x4 would enable our partners to engage more with the rapidly growing churches across their dioceses. Locally, bicycles are the main method of transport; archdeacons tend to have motorbikes but more vehicles are necessary.

Our Response:

During our weekly masses this Lent we have been thinking about fasting, prayer, repentence and almsgiving.  This morning at mass Fr Andrew reminded us that we are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind.  We are also commanded to love our neighbour as ourself.  Fr Andrew explained to us that our neighbours are the people around us as well as all people across teh globe.

We shall be offering the monies we collected during house day towards the bishop's appeal.  We shall also be collecting £1 for each child who wears something green on our St Patrick's Day celebrations.  Other dontations will be welcomed at any time and each class has their own money pig into which our contributions will go.

Let's see how much we can send to the bishop to send to Angola and Mozambique this Lent.