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As pupils return after the holidays we shall be introducing the 'Big Write' in all classes from reception to year 6.  The 'BIG WRITE' is an innovative way of teaching pupils all of the necessary components to become successful writers.  Talking features prominently and pupils will learn to switch between standard and non-standard forms of English.  The 'BIG WRITE' is fun and we look forward to introducing it to pupils and sharing the results with parents over the next term.  

Other downloadable resources are available in our [learning] section of the website.

VCOP displays will be appearing in every classroom where pupils will contribute their own
V: vocabulary - WOW! words
C: connectives for joining and developing ideas
O: openers for beginning sentences
P: punctuation

Here are some videos the 'BIG WRITE' approach.


WOW! words


Talk Homework


Writing Voice and Grammar