Half Term In Year 1


Traditional Victorian dress at Gunnersbury House.
Playing with a thaumotrope.

It has been another busy half term in Year 1.  A couple of weeks ago we invited Miss McCulloch to visit and teach the children techniques for painting landscapes. The children gained confidence in their landscape painting skills and learnt about lay out and perspective.  Click here to see photos of the day.

Year 1 then visited Gunnersbury Park to support our topic on Toys in History.  We all put our best foot forward and walked to Gunnesbury House.  The weather was mixed but spirits were high and we managed to make the best of it!   At the house, the children took part in a workshop looking at old and new toys.  They were then permitted to play with the genuine Victorian artifacts and explore their uses.  After lunch, the children were able to practice their newly acquired landscape drawing skills to sketch the grounds of the house or during the rain, sketch mystery historical artifacts from the Gunnesbury House archive.  Click here for photos of the event.