Year 2 Educational Visit to Bocketts Farm


Tractor ride
Pig Racing
Interacting with the farm animals

Year 2 had a fun and interactive day at the Bocketts farm. After a short hop on the Motorway, we emerged into the bright sunshine and looked forward to the exciting adventure about to unfold. The day included learning and interacting with guinea pigs, rabbits and chicks, as well as learning about goats and how their milk is produced and used on the farm.

In addition, year 2 got to go on a bumpy tractor ride up and around the farm. They managed to spot a wide range of animals and got to learn all about each one, from their very own tour guide. Children also got to meet and interact with some of the bigger animals on the farm, as well as their very adorable babies, these included: horses, alpacas, llamas, goats, sheep and some rather smelly pigs.

After lunch children got to enjoy the very exciting and unique spectacle of 'Pig Racing', where they cheered on their favourite contender, from such pigs as: 'Harry Trotter' and 'Bradley Piggins'.

After all of the interactive and interesting excitement of the morning; children were then given time to enjoy the many play areas the farm had to offer, this included: giant slides; tremendously large, bouncy pillows and all manner of climbing equipment.

Year 2 had a great day and learnt a lot about the different animals. This will be a great aid to them as they look forward to using these experiences to help their work over the coming weeks!

Please use the link below to see pictures of our visit.