Year 2 Visit to Bocketts Farm 8th July 2013


Feeding the Alpacas at Bocketts Farm.

Year 2 enjoyed a tractor and trailor ride, taking in the wonderful scenery and meeting  a few 'famous' scarecrows on the way.  We saw Simon Cowell, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Homer Simpson and many more.  One child commenting on the beautiful scenery said, 'look Miss I can see the whole wide world!'  After the tractor and trailor ride, it was straight to the goat milking where we met Gertie.  We had the chance to see her being milked and then stroking her to keep her calm!  The last visit of the morning, was to the horses and ponies and to meet some of the rabbits.  Finally, it was lunch time and after lunch, a chance to cheer for our favourite pig in the pig race.  Will. I. Ham, Kevin Bacon and Harry Trotter were amongst some of the pigs running but alas it was Peppa Pig who scooped the winning prize.  The afternoon was spent in the Animal Park farm feeding the animals and playing in the adventure playground.  A great day, and although we were delayed coming home, the children had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of our trip.  More photos can be seen in the Gallery.