Year 3 Letter writing


Before half term, the year 3 pupils studied a topic on the Black Mambas. The Black Mambas are an all female anti-poaching unit, that work to protect and preserve animals in South Africa. In particular they work to help eliminate the poaching of the rhino, which is now unfortunately severely under threat. One of the most impressive and distinguished things about this all female unit, is that they work unarmed in an effort to send a message of non-violence to their communities and the world. All of the year three children were captivated by this topic and worked diligently to produce thoughtful and well-presented letters. These letters highlighted how the Black Mambas story affected the children on an individual level. On the last day before our half term break, we posted some of these letters to South Africa to help encourage the Black Mambas and to show our appreciation of their hard work. It was just wonderful to see how engaged the children were, and how inspired they were from people so far away. All the year three team were extremely proud of their classes and their hard work!