Year 3 visit the British Museum to see the English Touring Opera perform ‘In the Belly of the Horse’


English Touring Opera, In the Belly of the Horse

In the Belly of the Horse is a brand new fully interactive opera for Key Stage 2 pupils, and is the third of a trilogy of new operas. With music by Rachel Leach the piece explores the fantastic story that leads the Greeks to build the wooden horse. As the Greeks wait in the horse to cause havoc in Troy stories are told to calm their nerves.

The story is told in many different and engaging ways. Its elements include acting, singing, instrumental music, dance, and design. It is performed by a multi-skilled cast of 5 professional performers, and is fully designed and costumed.

The opera is the third of three new operas based on classical myths. In the Belly of the Horse lasts an hour and a quarter.  Our very own Mr Hills rehearsed the score with the year 3 pupils during their music lessons at the Broadway site.