Year 4 Trip to Holland Park


How do you describe a living thing? Why is it important to classify animals into groups? These are some of the important questions year 4 have been trying to find the answers to in our science lessons this half term. In our quest for some answers, we were lucky enough to visit Holland Park Ecology Centre to come up close and personal with some miniscule creatures that roam in the shadowy undergrowth of woodlands and ponds. 

We soon started to discover more than we bargained for with frogs and woodlice in the woodland area; whilst the pond provided ample opportunity to study living organisms so small, that you needed the aid of a microscope to see them. By the end of the day, pupils could name a variety of plants as well as animals they had never heard of before and decribe the different living conditions in which animals and plants need in order to survive. The whole year group had a fantastic time as you can see from the picture gallery here.

Thank you to all who helped with the school trip. Your time and energy is very much appreciated.