Year 4 - ZSL London Zoo


On Monday, 10th November, Year 4 had a fantastic day at London Zoo.  The pupils had a chance to explore and enjoy the zoo, as well as attend an educational workshop to investigate the climate and animals of the tropical rainforests. 

Equiped with binoculars, thermometers and hygrometers, the children discovered the hot and humid environment first-hand inside the zoo's exciting rainforest exhibit.  Working in pairs, the aim was to record the climatic conditions and identify as many extraordinary animals as possible, such as the distinctive Emperor tamarin, the heavily armoured armadillo and the elusive sunbitterns.  Furthermore, the pupils were introduced to Charlie the Madagascar hissing cockroach and those brave enough got to feel his strong exoskeleton.

The photos of the educational visit can be viewed on the school Flickr galleries.