Year 5 Coding Workshop


Year 5 had a fantastic coding workshop earlier this half term. They followed instructions to help them build their own robot, customised their robot and then coded the robot (using an iPad) to follow a route. They showed great skills of collaboration and perseverance as a lot of the coding involved both calculation, estimation and a trial and error approach!


Nikol: I am usually not very confident in computing but step by step, once I followed the instructions I understood everything. We also made speed robots out of lego and coded them. Now I am a lot more confident in computing and I highly recommend it.


Anoushka: I think it was an amazing experience and you got to make and code your own also got to get them to move around,I would definitely recommend it.


Edie: This is a fun way to learn coding and have fun with your friends. This was a great learning experience for me and my class. It was extremely fun and enjoyable. My whole class loved it. It was so interactive and you got to make and personalise a robot and make it with your friends.I would definitely do this course again.

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