Year 5 English Composition


Writing away

The Birthday Experience

By Tommy Meggitt 5LR


Mrs Smith had the most exciting, once in a lifetime birthday ever, when she travelled to Norway for an extreme birthday treat. She and her friend got in the taxi; they both knew this wasn’t going to be your average birthday bash…….

When they got out of the taxi they gasped, a chill ran up Mrs Smith’s spine. It was extremely chilly, despite it being a sunny day with a cloudless light-blue sky. They were there! At the Lillehammer bobsleigh track.

As she stepped onto the track she felt as though her stomach was filled with a herd of butterflies just bursting to get out! What would happen? Would she fall out? Would the bobsleigh crash? Her heart skipped a beat as the instructor explained what they needed to do. She was bursting with excitement as she and her friend pulled on their helmets and back supports. The back support was so they didn’t damage their shoulders when they went round bends.

They hurried into the bobsleigh and it started up. It was extremely noisy and very jolty indeed!

The feeling was absolutely sensational! They started to pick up speed. The bobsleigh got faster and faster. It got noisier and noisier . It got joltier and joltier. By now they were only focussing on not getting their heads blown off by the aero-dynamics and trying not to focus on the noise the bob was making. They were reaching the end now. It was extremely hard to breathe. Eventually they stopped. Everyone’s (except for the driver) minds were blown.

Mrs Smith was right; it definitely wasn’t your average birthday.