Year 5 Slam Poetry Competition


Magnetic Poetry

I am afraid of blank paper


The teacher told me that I should write,
A poem on a piece of paper so white,
First came a shiver,
And then came a quiver,
I am afraid of blank paper.

I am afraid of blank paper yes me,
It might jeopardise my chance of a 5b,
It’s not that I’m lazy,
Or a little bit crazy,
I am afraid of blank paper.

I am afraid of blank paper it’s not a lie,
Blank paper is more than meets the eye,
The test is so daunting,
And the paper is haunting,
I am afraid of blank paper.

I am afraid of blank paper don’t jeer,
I’m mortified enough by my foolish fear,
Though paper is so bare,
It gives me a scare,
I am afraid of blank paper.

I am afraid of blank paper all right,
I know that blank paper doesn’t bite,
But it is so intimidating,
And very humiliating,
It’s just,
I am afraid of blank paper.

Honey Ryder 5MT


The crack in the pavement

One day I was shopping for my mum,
I tripped over something, ‘cause I was a bit dumb,
But I looked behind me and there was a strange crack,
I realised that was the thing that gave me a big whack.

I wondered and thought carefully
Why somebody like me
Would just trip over and not see
Oh why, why could it be

That night, I slowly crept downstairs
Past where my parents snore
I wandered off into the night
Right through my front door

Now to the non-rhyme bit

I strolled to where I was earlier on
Suddenly, a strange thing happened
The crack opened more and more
Until I fell into the gloomy darkness

As I fell and hit the ground,
I found a five pound note
I heard the sound of bagpipes
It got closer and closer until…….

(in a Scottish accent)
Dear, what are you doing around here,
The city’s over there
City? I thought to myself.
So I walked on and on until I
Came to some weird town……….

William Stumpf  5LS

The Future

This poem is about the future
Riding on a bee,
During World War 3,
Shooting fireballs from your hand,
Destroying the whole entire land.

Having war between humans and aliens,
Creating robots called Zalians,
Produce food that can talk,
Having a mega chair that can walk.

Becoming a spaceman,
Fighting with Jackie Chan,
Landing on a mega sun,
Living in a volcano having fun.

Drive a flying car
Controlling a falling star
Having a pet crocodile,
Shooting from a mile.

Playing football on the moon
That’s why this poem is fun
So see you soon.
This poem is about the future
Funny, fabulous, fun.

Goran Babic 5TM