Year 5 visit St Paul’s Cathedral


On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, all three year 5 classes visited St Paul's Cathedral to take part in their art week. All of the children learned about the importance of books and especially the Bible in the history of St Paul's and in Christianity. We all found out about the ancient art of bookbinding and were able to create our own versions in a special workshop. Afterwards we had a tour of the cathedral. We all sat underneath the dome and viewed the stunning mosaics. 

Then came the most amazing part of the tour. We were taken to the Triforium which is not open to the general public. Here we saw some remains of the old St Paul's which had been destroyed during the Great Fire of London in 1666. We saw Bibles, Psalters and other illuminated manuscripts and a scroll which contained the names of all the people who had contribued to the rebuilding of the cathedral. Finally, we were ushered into the library, as designed by Christopher Wren. There we saw thousands of books, but most importantly of all, one which had been rescued from the fire! Handwritten in Latin and beautifully illuminated, it contained religious texts and the first examples of written music. It dated from 1290 making it over 700 years old!

A very memorable day.