Year 6 - 6RH Class Assembly


Wednesday was World Kindness Day, so 6RH decided to showcase what kindness means to them in their class assembly.

All pupils had learned their lines and shared some information on influential people and events in which kindness is key. The parable of The Good Samaritan was also shared: it showed us that kindness comes from within and can be shown to our friends and those we consider our foes. Kindness brings people together.

It was also revealed that 6RH were the Kindness Cuplrits mentioned in one of last week’s articles! Miss Hodgson’s class delivered handwritten, heartfelt card to every class and staff member in school, telling them how valuable they are. 6RH are truly trying their hardest to live by and live up to our school values and modelling an excellent example for the rest of the school.

Well done 6RH!