Y6 Experience life in the Second World War


Year 6 went on a fantastic educational visit to RAF Hendon today to support their study of their local history topic, Ealing in the Second World War.

Pupils and teachers were encouraged to come to school dressed up in World War Two costumes so that they were ready to travel back in time and experience life during the Blitz. At RAF Hendon pupils sat in a 1940's living room and met and talked with an Air Raid Warden before the Air Raid siren forced them all to find the nearest Air Raid Shelter. Thankfully it was not too long before the All Clear sounded! 

Other highlights of the day included the privilege of learning about and trying on genuine RAF uniforms from World War Two. We also saw a huge range of aeroplanes including a German Messerschmitt and a British Spitfire, planes that battled in the skies above our country in the Battle of Britain in 1940. To see more of our day please go to the latest Year 6 album.

A big thank you to all the parent helpers who came on the trip and made it possible - it was a memorable day out!