Year 6 Refugee Fundraising


Spending the day in the playground, with only cardboard boxes and tape, Y6 tried to construct shelter from the elements in order to grapple with the concept of how difficult it must be to flee one's own home.  After working together to build themselves a shelter, Year 6 used all they had learned about refugees to construct a 'back story' about the events that might have led them to a refugee camp.

In the afternoon, Year 6 were then visited by other pupils and had opportunities to share their stories, as well as create 'street art' to show their hopes and dreams.  The pupils ended the day back in the classrooms discussing and reflecting on the immersive learning experience. Do go to our gallery to see the pictures and enjoy reading the pupils' comments below about what they learned today.

"I learned how refugees might feel and that they have a hard life."

"We have to be respectful and thankful for what we have."

"It is hard to stay warm without a radiator."

"It was so small and cramped – I couldn’t bear living in a small space."

"There was nothing to do – no entertainment."

"It was so drab, just brown..."

"I was afraid of the rain..."

"I understood the feeling of working together."

"I got so angry when the people who visited us ignored us and didn’t want to hear my story."