Year 6 Netball Squads play their Final League Match


After months of training together, the Yellow and Blue Netball Squads turned up on court today to play their final League Match - against each other! The Blue Squad got off to a strong start, leading 3-1 after the first quarter, but the Yellow Squad kept up their game and were only 2-4 down at half time. After an evenly matched third quarter the Blues held a 5-3 lead. In the final quarter of the game the Blues raised their game and their shooting prowess to claim an 8-3 victory. Congratulations to Blue Squad, who remain undefeated this season, and well done to all the players for providing the watching teachers, parents and friends with a very entertaining and competitive match. With our League Matches complete we look forward after half term to playing friendly matches against other local schools and to entering a team in the Ealing Borough Netball Finals. Check the School Calendar on the website for details of our future fixtures.