Year 6 Nifty Knitters


Every lunch time the gentle sound of clicking knitting needles can be heard drifting through the atrium as the Year 6 knitting club take their seats and pick up their work.

Many of the pupils in the club were inspired when Mrs Smith took the time to teach members of her class to knit during their free time at Sayers Croft. Members from throughout the year group have now joined the little group of knitters, learning to cast on, knit and purl in brightly coloured wool. It has also been great to see some of the pupils sharing the skills they have learned at home with crocheting now taking place alongside the knitting as well.

Year 6 would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Smith for patiently giving her time to the club - and for finding and picking up all those dropped stitches! More picture of our nifty knitters can be found in the gallery.