Year 6 Paint Picasso


Pablo Picasso's masterpiece recreated in a green monotone by Year 6.
Picasso's Original Painting, 'The Old Jew', which depicts a blind beggar and his son.

How can poor and vulnerable children have a voice? In the art of the past, where the rich paid handsomely for paintings and portraits to reflect their own luxurious world, representations of the less fortunate are often hard to find.

Picasso, however, was moved by the poverty he witnessed on his travels through Europe to show the conditions of the poor and vulnerable in his paintings. Many of these paintings were done during his 'monochrome' period where he used tones and shades of just one colour, blue, to give his works a bleak and melancholy atmosphere.

Year 6 pupils chose their own colour and used it to produce a monochrome version of Pablo's "The Old Jew', thus giving a 'voice' through their art to the poor and needy children of the past.  Do go to our gallery to have a look at some of their amazing work.