Year 6 Reading Challenge


Year 6 enthusiastically took part in the Christmas Reading Challenge over the holiday.

It was wonderful to see how many different books, magazines, poems and newspaper articles had been read and to see that pupils had discussed reading and shared reading with members of their family. It seems that by far the most popular children's author in Year 6 is David Walliams; his wonderfully funny books like 'Gangsta Granny', 'Billionaire Boy' and 'Awful Auntie' are hugely enjoyed by both boys and girls. The most often read non-fiction book was 'Going Solo' by Roald Dahl and the most popular individual book was 'The Wonder' by R J Palacio. Alfred Noyes, with famous poems like 'The Highway man' and 'Daddy fell into the pond', was the most read poet.
We have added over 70 new books to the Year 6 Library - so please continue to encourage your child to look for a book they might like to read!

The Year 6 winners of the Amazon vouchers were:

Tom  - for following his own interests and ideas in completing the reading challenge
Kira - for the enthusiasm she has shown for her reading, both in the reading challenge and all year
Dewaine - for his perseverance to complete the reading challenge
Yasmin - for challenging herself by reading lots of children's classics such as Alice in Wonderland, The Railway Children and Little Women
Katie  - for the large number of books she read - Katie completed the 10 tasks of the reading challenge and then read an additional 15 books!
James - for the wide range of poetry, fiction and non-fiction that he read
Manuela - for the wide range of authors she read, including Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Lewis Carrol and Charles Dickens
Salem - for the wide range of fiction books she read