Year 6 Science Investigation


What enable us to see? How does light reflect? Why can you see yourself in a mirror? These are just some of the scientific questions that Year 6 are exploring in their study of the topic of 'Light'  this half term.

This week 6LY built periscopes to explore how the reflection of light off a mirror can be used in practical applications in every day life. They discovered that for their periscopes to work effectively the angle of the mirror was very important, 45 degrees was the crucial measurement. Once they had constructed their periscope accurately the pupils were able to have great fun spying over desks and peeping round corners, as you can see from the photos in our latest gallery.

Thank you to everyone who sent in empty juice cartons to make this investigation possible. 6KW and 6CW will be building their periscopes next week - we still need approximataly 20 more juice cartons for them to go ahead so please do keep on sending in the cartons until Wednesday of next week. Thank you so much!