Year 6 will present ‘Oliver the Musical’ at Questors Theatre, Mattock Lane, W5.


Questors Theatre on Mattock Lane

After the success of Bugsy Malone as the end-of-year production last year, we are delighted that Year 6 have risen to the challenge of staging Oliver the Musical at Questors Theatre here in Ealing at the end of this term.  

The Box Office details will folllow soon and we know that the actors, stage hands, lighting and sound crews will have a great time.

The shows will be as follows:

Throughoutt he week and during school time, the show will be performed for all pupils in the school to save adults from bringing them in the evenings.

Tuesday 16th July: 7pm Show at the Studio, Questors Theatre

Wednedsay 17th Matinee: 2pm Show at the Studio, Questors Theatre

Thursday 18th July: 7pm Show at the Studio, Questors Theatre

The experience of producing the show at Questors Theatre with live music, our very own wardrobe and make-up department and in a stimulating venue will add to the experience our pupils gain and we very much look forward to what is going to be a great show.

Photographs and a video recording will be available for purchase and no photography or other videos may be taken during any of the performances.