We are delighted to have the highest attendance results for all primary schools in Ealing again this year. Our whole school attendance is 97.5%. This is outstanding attendance and a testament to our engaging curriculum, encouraging pupils to come to school every single day as well as the strong pastoral support we provide for pupils with particular medical needs and a highly professional and competent medical team. We are particularly proud of our attendance figures for Reception pupils, 96.5% for 2017/18 showing an excitement to come to school from the very first year. Our figures for persistent absentees (pupils classed by the Department for Education as those absent for 10% or more of their own possible sessions) have reduced steadily over the last 3 years as a result of school support for particular pupils and their families. 

In July 2018, three Year 6 pupils were presented with an outstanding achievement award for 100% attendance for their entire primary education from Reception to Year 6. That is 1,330 days at school and not one day off or one late mark - quite an achievement! 


Pupils who achieve 100% attendance at the following points in the school year will be awarded badges which are celebrated in an assembly and may be worn on blazers or jumpers.  

Exceptional Leave of Absence During Term Time

Holidays during term time are not permitted. There are 175 days per year when pupils are scheduled holidays for such purposes.

Exceptional leave will be considered by the headteacher for absence which genuinely demonstrates exceptional circumstances (such as a bereavement).  The school’s pro-forma must be used for exceptional leave either online or on paper.

The Governing Body permits the headteacher to authorize an exceptional absence, at her discretion, if the following conditions are met:

Please note that: