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Welcome to the CtS website. Our school was formed in September 2011 following the amalgamation of two schools which have served the local areas since the 1860s: St Saviour's Infant School and Christ Church Junior School, Ealing . We hope you will catch a glimpse of our vibrant, diverse and over-subscribed school through our website.  

The school maintains high academic standards are these are enhanced by enriching programmes of learning in music, art, humanities and sport.  Christian values and a civilised ethos pervade the school.  Inclusion is at the very heart of what we do.  We admit 120 reception pupils each year which makes our school the largest CofE voluntary aided primary school in England.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, captures what it is we aspire to be as a church school, “A Christian school is one in which the atmosphere has that kind of openness about it, that sense that people are worth spending time with, that people need time to grow, need loving attention". 

The Gospel teaches us that every person has a unique task to do, with God, and for God, whether they know it or not.  It doesn’t necessarily mean than everyone involved has to share the same theology or philosophy. It doesn’t mean that everyone knows that they have this relationship with God, and is consciously working at it. But a Christian school is one in which the entire atmosphere is pervaded by the conviction that there is something mysterious, and potentially wonderful, in everybody.  Everything we attempt to do for each child in our care stems from this conviction.  Our vision, aims and ethos statement can be read here.  

We look forward to welcoming you.

Mr Prentice
Executive Headmaster


Paper copies of any part of this website, or any policy, can be requested from the school office.

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