The school adopts a formal regulation uniform, the wearing of which is compulsory in a church school.

Orders can be placed by:
 020 8998 0144 
or by email  info@juniperuniform.com

Juniper Schools and Sports
154-156 The Broadway
West Ealing, 
W13 0TL

Uniform Supplier

Almost all garments may be bought from the High St or the school’s uniform supplier – including the blazer and gingham shirt.  The uniform supplier also supplies plain red woollen V-neck jumpers.  No garments at CtS except the blazer have a logo and thus should be easy to obtain online or from the High St. 

Black, enclosed leather shoes - no boots, flashing lights or other decoration 
Black socks or tights

Blazers and Overcoats
Black blazer with embroidered badge – must be worn every day and at all times – optional on Grove Site 
Plain red or black winter coat - Barbour style encouraged and worn over blazers
Black cagoule - may be worn over the blazer - ideal for school trips

Trousers and Skirts 
Black trousers (boys or girls)
Black shorts
Black skirt (must reach the knee) 
Black pinafore 

Shirts and Jumpers
White shirt - long or short sleeved 
School tie – must be worn with white shirts (not worn with the Gingham shirt - see summer entry below)   
Red cardigan, slip over or V-neck jumper - all knitted

School book-bag or rucksack

Optional but encouraged
Cap or beret with logo
Knitted school scarf     

P.E. Kit

Red gingham dresses and shirts may be worn between 1st April and 30th September -  black socks are worn.

Plain red, black or straw-type summer hats or caps may be worn for sun protection if wished in the summer months and removed indoors.

No jewellery. 

Some stud earrings may be permitted but discouraged (pupils must be able to remove earrings for P.E. themselves)

Hair accessories should be plain – e.g. a plain black or red hairband. 

Long hair must be tied back.

Shoes must always be black leather and enclosed – no open-toed shoes or sandals. 

Mobile telephones and personal belongings are not permitted in school under any circumstances. 

The school is the final authority on which garments meet the regulation uniform.

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